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Inspections & Audits

Inspections & Audits

At RKS, we believe prevention is better than cure. 

Our tertiary-trained and qualified mechanical, chemical and structural engineers underpin our technical expertise to find potential issues before they become problematic.

We prepare detailed reports presenting the results of measurements, data collection, and observations, plus strategies to optimise operation and maintenance to keep your business rolling.

These may range from basic roller adjustment for optimal alignment of the axes, to major component repair or replacement. 

RKS boasts almost a century’s worth of collective field experience, placing us in the world’s top five companies providing our services for your plant.

Our bespoke, fit-for-purpose equipment design provides the efficiency, safety and reliability to maintain optimal asset output.

All work is independently certified, ensuring the highest quality and safeguards for your production line.

Robust quality assurance and standards are a must, speak with our experts.

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