In-situ Tyre & Roller Grinding

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Good tyre and roller surface condition is critical to maintaining optimum production.


Kilns operate on a slope so the product flows through during rotation. The operational weights are much too high to restrain mechanically so the rollers are offset slightly to attain a state of balance. 


Routine checks should be carried out to identify and monitor tyre and roller condition including uneven wear, rolled over edges and spawling and surface chips.


Uneven tyre and roller wear or tapers make it difficult or even impossible to attain balance. If left unchecked these issues can leads to serious problems such as excessive mechanical wear and increased hertz pressures. That in turn leads to lower production or production losses through breakdowns.


We provide inspection services to identify these problems and machining and grinding services for tyres, rollers, thrust rollers, rotary coolers and dryers with our in-situ machining and grinding equipment specifically designed and made by Rotary Kiln Services for this purpose.

Our professional field technicians are trained to identify problems  and deliver the best solutions to optimise performance and extend optimal operational life and to carry out these services without affecting production.