Hot Kiln Alignments

An annual Hot Kiln Alignment and routine roller adjustments are critical to maintaining optimum production.

RKS Field Service Technicians use state of the art instruments to measure the key kiln health parameters.

  • Axis alignment

  • Ovality

  • Roller thrust

  • Kiln and roller incline

  • Roller shaft deflection

  • 3D Laser scanning of shell deformities and deflection

  • Girth Gear axial and radial runouts

  • Tyre axial runouts

  • Tyre and roller diameters and surface condition

  • Tyre creep and mechanical component wear

  • General mechanical condition 

Our detailed reports will identify potential problems before they create a problem and allow for the planning major capex repairs minimising the risk of losing production through unplanned stoppages or breakdowns